Lin's Piano Studio

3405 Sedona Lane, Plano TX 75025  Tel: 972-731-9456(voice only); Text: 214-600-0887

Studio Policy


  • Lesson Fee:
    • Call for current rate.
    • one-month deposit is due at the first lesson. It will apply to the last month tuition. Payment is due at the first lesson of each month; late payment should be delivered before the second lesson.  Please write student’s name on the check, and make check payable to Sheng Lin.              
  • Preparation:
    • A 30-minute lessons require minimum 30 minutes of practice per day, five days of the week.  45-minute lessons require 45 minutes of practice.
    • Level 2 and above students recommend 45 minutes lessons.
    • Parents support for routine practice and encourage will enhance learning.
  • Holidays and Winter/Summer vacation:
    • Student may have one lesson off on the week of Spring Break.
    • Winter/Summer vacation will be announced at later time.
  • Missed and Make up lessons:
    • No make-up lesson for missed lessons. Missed lesson is not refundable.
    • Please come to the class regularly. If there is a schedule conflict, please call one week in advance to swap time with other students.  It is very difficult to arrange time.  Most students prefer to keep their routine time.  48 hours notice ahead of time must be given in order to rearrange the time and only when open spot is available.  If open spot is not available, the lesson can not be rescheduled.
    • Lessons missed by the teacher will be make up.
  • Waiting Room:
    • It is expected that everyone waits quietly without disturbing ongoing lessons. Do not leave young children alone in the waiting room.
  • Withdrawal and Termination of lessons:
    • If you wish to terminate the lessons, please inform teacher one month ahead of time. Deposit will apply to last month.
    • If a student withdrawals for more than one month and wishes to return, the student will be placed on the waiting list for the following semester.
    • Under certain conditions a student may be asked to discontinue piano lessons. Those conditions include, but are not limited to: (1) lack of practice, (2) excessive absences, tardiness, and rescheduling, (3) consistent inappropriate behavior, (4) not paying tuition.




(1) Parents are suggested to wait in the car during lesson.  On arrival, please text teacher at 214-600-0887 ( or call if no response). Teacher will open and close the door for the students. 

(2) Before and after lesson, we will use  hand sanitizer or wash hands. Piano keys will be disinfected after each lesson.

(3) teacher and student have to wear a mask or another substitute to cover the mouth and nose.   

(4) Students only stay in the  piano room for now.

(5) Please bring only music and nothing else.

(6) If any sick symptoms, lessons can be temporarily go online.